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Jul 29, 2020

Creating digital content can be your passion and your business. You don’t always have to follow the traditional path to obtain your dreams. Today Sierra Redmond joins us to discuss how she turned her passion for media into a profitable blog. As a digital content creator, she’s been able to build her business by combining her love of media, travel, and helping her fellow army wives. Listen in to hear her journey and tips on how you can build a business as a digital creator too. 

Points Worth Listening To:

  • How to become a resource for other people. (5:01) 
  • How to figure out what content your audience enjoys. (8:51) 
  • Why you should focus on longevity and leverage in your business. (21:39)
  • What keeps Sierra motivated and consistent in her business. (30:05)
  • What success means to Sierra. (42:40) 
  • “There are plenty of seats at whatever table you want to sit at.” (43:08)

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Final Thoughts:

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